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Photographing the Moon

Capturing a good moon shot.

When one goes on vacation we like to bring something back to remember the nice relaxing time. Yes, sunsets are good to take, everyone takes them but not many avid photo buffs take Moon shots. Why, because it’s too dark; You can have a cloudy sky or a clear night sky, but the biggest problem is holding the camera still and getting a sharp shot. Usually when you take these low light shots with the auto metering system the camera adjusts the exposure of the subject and not an average exposure so you end up with just a yellow or white blob in the sky.  Now taking a Moon shot is also difficult but it can be better that shooting a sunset shot.  Here are some helpful hits on taking a great moon shot like I did while on vacation in Kauai this year. First it would be better to have a full moon, if not that’s okay you can work around it. Second a tripod, if not still okay. Third, a reasonable high end point & shoot like I have with a fast lens say f2.0 or f2.8. I used my Point & Shoot Panasonic with standard settings; held the camera against a palm tree and here are the results of my Moon shot.

Settings were : Camera is Panasonic LX5 camera set on the standard setting, 800 ISO, 24mm lens (wider to keep still), f2 at 5 seconds exposure. With the fast lens (larger opening) along with a steady hand holding the camera against the palm tree I was able to get a nice shot of not only the moon but the surrounding buildings and grounds where we stayed. One thing I might suggest is don’t let the ISO settings go beyond the 1600 ISO mark otherwise the shot will be grainy or noise as they say in the digital world.  Good luck shooting, Glenn