TSA Locks Missing from luggage

Vacations always come to an end. So after checking in our baggage going through security we were ready to come home to Fullerton California. Our flight took us from Kauai through SFO to LAX.  We waited for the #2 carousel to spit out our bags, collected them and noticed my approved TSA locks were not on the two bags. This is not the first time these approved TSA locks were missing. When we arrived back from Australia in 2010 one of them was missing. I was under the impression that if an TSA officer or customs agent opens a bag for security reasons they should leave a note to that effect. I was tempted to go on EBay to see if one can buy used TSA locks. But I would like to think that they were just a little slack, forgot to replace it and with the note.

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6 Responses to “TSA Locks Missing from luggage”

  1. Jim Powell says:

    When we got to Rome, we discovered that our TSA locks had been torn from our luggage; those bags will not hold a lock ever again. Nothing missing or anything like that. Don’t know who’s responsible. Oh, well. We were ready for new bags anyway.

  2. Glenn says:

    Hi Jim & Michelle,

    Welcome back to the mother land. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the trip.
    I was pissed off too seeing our locks were opened, taken and not even a note to be found. I did check and saw several used Master approved locks on Ebay for sale when we arrived back from Kauai. I think I will scribe my name or # into the lock to give the thieves second thoughts of taking mine next time. Also I might write to United security division to let them know.
    Cheers for now

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